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We are a family of Specialty Coffee producers and exporters, based on High Cerrado, Minas Gerais. We produce coffee with a passion for the beans and respect towards the environment. DBarbosa Coffee is exporting with a direct communication with final buyers.


Direct Trade

For many decades the family produced and sold the coffee to exporters around the region, always with a huge demand from buyers, crop after crop, the dream was to trade directly with roasters and coffee shops all around the world. Researchs were executed on coffee quality, sensorial analyses, consistency, screens, and a decision was made, the family is now exporting great coffee around world on the Direct Trade basis, from our farm to your cup. 


The tradition of coffee production has been in the Family since the twentieth century. Mr. Barbosa ancestors, his great-grandparent Elias Barbosa passed it on to his grandparent Claudio Barbosa de Paula and from him to his father, Jairo Barbosa de Paula and now Mr. Barbosa works with his generation, his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo.

Unique Quality

From the choice of the varietal to the harvest season, DBarbosa family works hard to deliver the best coffee. All the processes are closely watched and the Quality Control team follow all the stages of the traceability program, from the tree to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the world.


The Cerrado Region has all the conditions to produce coffee. During the dry season, humidity is low, temperatures are lighter, and the coffee quality is accentuated. Defined seasons, soil and topography combined with experienced crop management, provides everything we need to deliver the best coffee.


Coffees from our home to your home.


We are committed to our customers, employees and the environment.


Always working hard to supply the best quality coffee crop after crop.

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