We produce Specialty Coffees, this is what we love to do! Every crop we test different methods and procedures, always aiming to extract the best of our beans, and to maintain the quality of the awarded lots. Consistent coffee.

Coffee Profile

Our coffees presents fine attributes like dark chocolate, peach, cherry, lime and long aftertaste. The coffees also present nice sweetness, balanced acidity, body and very pleasant fruitiness.


Our Naturals are picked and transported to the patios and suspended beds, all procedures are closely followed in order to extract the best of the beans. The drying technics were passed on from our ancestors, so the beans are carefully shuffled, from time to time during the process, what gives us very sweet beans as a result.

Transport and Storage

Our coffees are transported from our farms to a certified warehouse, following the traceability program. The coffees are processed at the warehouse and our quality team follows all the steps, once the coffee is ready to ship we load the container at the warehouse and send it straight to the port. From us to you, direct.


Coffees from our home to your home.


Always working hard to supply the best quality coffee crop after crop.


We are committed to our customers, employees and the environment.